Thassos, Pension Sotiria

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Thassos is a verdurous island with beautiful beaches which combines the sea with the mountains in a very fascinating way. With a population of 14000, its indigenous habitants are occupied with tourism, agriculture, fishery, cattle-breeding and marble extraction from quarries as well. It’s been a well-known island since the antiquity and it is famous for is exceptional local products. Thassos takes pride in its olives and olive oil, honey, oregano and wine. Thassos comprises developed littoral provinces as well as mountainous areas. It offers an improved road network of 100 kilometers in parallel with its coasts. The first habitants of the Island were the people of Phoenicia. The island was named after Thassos,the son of the Phoenician king, Anigoras. Prince Thassos arrived at the island seeking for his sister Europa who was abducted by Zeus.

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